Welcome to St Monica academy school website. Another milestone in improving communications between the school and the parents.

We have a committed BoM that is dedicated to taking St Monica to greater heights. This Board of Management comprises of the following members

1. Fr Benard Asuka, School Manager
2. Joyce Maithori: Parent Representative - Upper Primary
3. Mary Oyolla: Parish Finance Committee Representative
4. Joseph Nyabera Parent Representative Lower Primary
5. John Wanyonyi: Head Teacher, Secretary
6. Dominic Ingala - Parish Council Representative

I wish to single out and thank the parents with children in St Monica Academy school for entrusting us with your children and for the material and moral support at all times, please continue with the same spirit for future of our children .

I wish to note with a lot of satisfaction that in the year 2017, our school registered a great success in KCPE performance with a mean score of 386.5 (373- 2016). First with a lot of humility, I wish to thank our almighty God for giving s such good results. this is attributed to the commitment of our teachers and pupils, discipline in the school, cooperation and support from parents, county education officers and BoM Members.

The school has continued in growth in terms of pupils' population, facilities, staff and other developments. During the year 2017, the school had a population of 480 pupils and 31 staff members made of 18 teachers 3 administrative staff and 10 support staff.

As at January 2018 population of the school was; 558 pupils, 21 teachers, 3admistrativestaff and 11 support staff.

2. Moral formation of staff & pupils

The school also benefits from spiritual and moral guidance from our parish priests & catechism teachers. This is sets apart St. Monica Academy from ther Private Schools. Monthly Mass, Prayers at designated times, Catechism classes, and Guidance and Counseling

3. Capital/ Development Projects for 2017

Capital expenditures are catered for by surplus/savings made in previous years and during the year. The main projects in 2017 were;

  • 1. Additional five classrooms,
  • 2. Extension and renovation of daycare and Play ground as per the Ministry of Education new curriculum guidelines
  • 3. Renovation of administration block, Computer room, school Hall and Kitchen
  • 4. Drilling of a borehole, installation of the pump and water tower and a water purification equipment
  • 5. A general Facelift of the school
  • 6. Additional equipment, furniture and fittings
  • 7. Construction of a Perimeter Wall
  • 8. Refurbishing of the Computer Room, acquisition of additional Computers and photocopier/printing machine)

4. Challenges and mitigation measures:

The school is in the process of addressing the following challenges

  • 1. Transport - few vehicles and late picking and drop-off of pupils. In the interim, a bus is hired in the morning and evening. Long-term solution: plans to purchase of a new bus.
  • 2. Drinking water: EPZ water supply was disconnected. Water purificationequipment has been purchased. Installation will be completed before the end of the month.
  • 3. Needy students who are unable to pay school feel

5. School income

The income for the school is mainly from tuition fees, feeding program and transport, whereas the expenses are mainly on administrative costs, establishment costs, payroll expenses, transport and Capital expenses.

Every year the school makes a small contribution to the Diocese of Ngong (about 2% of tuition) to support educational development. The year 2017 was successful
in that the school met its operational activities and planned development projects.

School fee was reviewed for the 2018 to cater for the following;

  • 1.Implementation of changes in the education curriculum as per Ministry of Education regulations
  • 2.Improvement of staff salaries so as to recruit and retain motivated and qualified staff
  • 3.Additional five (5) classrooms,
  • 4.Additional one 25 seater bus
  • 5.Clean and safe drinking water/domestic use (Kindly note our Parish is making a donation on purchase of water purifying machine).
  • 6.Renovations of administration block, computer room, hall and kitchen; French classes and
  • 7.Strengthening participation of our pupils in co-curriculum activities to include Taekwondo, badminton, drama, music and sports.
  • 8.Continuous improvement in the school for academic excellence.


Parents, we humbly request you to pay your school fees promptly to help the in smooth running of the school.

We have introduced discounts on school fees

-Those who pay school fee on time benefits from a 2% discount on tuition

- Parents with more than two children benefits from a 5% discount on tuition on the third child and the subsequent children

" This only applies to those who will complete all the school in the first

6. Policies

Several policies relevant to management of the school were developed and approved by the BoM for implementation. Examples Anti corruption, HIV/AIDS, Occupational Health and Safety, Sexual Harassment Policy, Finance Procedure Manual and HR Procedure Manual

7. Needy Students Kitty

The school has put in place a kitty for the needy pupils, On behalf of our BoM, I wish to appeal to you parents and other well wishers to support this worthy course.

8. Future Plans

  • 1. Completion of the Office Block to create additional three (3)classrooms this year
  • 2. Construction of a Secondary School. The Church has purchased a piece of land and plans are underway to source for funds for its construction.
  • 3. Introduce tea for pupils twice a week

Finally, in order to elevate the School to greater heights and be one the best school in this country, I appeal to you parents and St Monica stakeholders to enhance your support to the School in all its endeavours for excellence and live to the school motto of Shrine of Knowledge.

May almighty God bless as we work together towards this worthy course, God bless St Monica Academy.

Thank you

Dr. Dorothy A. Amwata, Ph.D